Upcoming Conventions
I'll Be At:

Feel free to come find me at the event to say hi. Also feel free to message me on Telegram or Twitter to plan something specefic like coffee or art meetup.

Starting May 16th - Reno NV

Biggest Little Fur Con

Convention Artist, Dealers Den (with Bold Kobold), & Art Show

Snap A Picture of My Con Art!

I was commissioned by the convention to do an illustration of one of the convention characters.

If you find the cardboard cutout, tweet a picture of yourself in-front of it to @ArtByZephra to get a 10% discount on any ArtByZephra merch. Don't forget to #BLFC2019 too uwu


Find Me In The Dealers Den:

Follow me on Twitter or my Art Channel for a map to the location of my table.

You can get my artwork on Play Mats, Mousepads, Prints.

I will also be selling the last few Commission Slots for 2019 as I'll be starting a massive art workshop after BLFC.


Bold Kobold will be at my Table:

This year for BLFC the BoldKobold.com team will be sharing the table with me to offer pins, dakimakuras, and other merch.

Art Show Pieces:

I will be selling my original artwork at BLFC's artshow, exact images will be announced soon (images coming soon)

The artshow is a place where you can bid or auto buy on original and unique artwork. It's a lot of fun to walk through and find something special.

If you've never bid at a Con Art Show before just check out the room and ask a staff member for instructions on how to bid, it's really easy.


( Images Coming Soon )