Examples of Past Wing-Its

Wing-It Commissions

Flat Pricing: $230

+$75 for Additional Characters
+$20 for complex Characters

Complex characters have...

Multiple limbs

Feathered wings

Highly defined tattoo markings

Other details may also be complex

Wing-it Slots

Limited Artists Choice Slots opening April 21st to April 23rd.
Submission form activates April 21st at Midnight CST

Wing-it Details

Wing-its are what they sound like, I'll create an illustration but have creative freedom in how it forms.

You will be-able to give me themes and ideas so I can make something more specific for your character. With your permission for certain ideas some colors/features may change to fit the illustration better. My wing-Its are SFW Commissions only.

How Commission Slots Work

Commission Slots are Limited so it's first come first served. If slots are full you can follow me on Twitter to be notified when commissions are re-opening.

Simply fill out the form below and after reviewing submissions to ensure I'm the best artist your slot will be given an estimated start and finish time.

Artistic Nudity

NSFW is welcome in the form of artistic nude pinups, simply let me know that's what you'd like in the form below.

Payment Details

An invoice will be sent to you through Paypal Invoices. You will have 48 hours on receiving the invoice to pay at least half of the invoice to claim your slot. Full payment is due before work is started.

Before the invoice is sent, I will review the project and contact you for more details to ensure I'm the right artist for the job.

Artist Choice
(Active April 21st to 23rd)

When Artist Choice is (Active) it means I have limited commissions slots but I'll be accepting all entries from the form, and reviewing them to decide which ones I will be taking on. Those accepted are usually emailed a few days after closure. Details are within the form.

This is the first time that I am trying out Artist Choice commissions vs first come first serve. Slots are more limited due to conventions coming up, and I'm wanting a chance to choose wing-its based on a subconscious pull. This also allows for people to apply over a longer period of time vs luck of being on when the form goes live.

Examples of Past Wing-Its

Commission submissions have ended, follow me on FA / Twitter for the next openings.